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Real Crete


First stop in The Wooden Sculptures Museum

The Wooden Sculptures Museum at the centre of Crete and at the foot of the sacred mountain of Psiloritis is a permanent collection of the sculptor George Koutantos. It works both as a Museum and Workshop and is the outcome of twenty years of involvement with sculpture. The opening of the Museum took place on March 14, 2010.

In Axos Milopotamou of Crete (Greece), within an hour distance both from the city of Rethymno (45 km) and the city of Heraclion (43 km), in a natural landscape, more than one hundred handmade work arts made from a hummer and a chisel are exhibited in a new two-storey building 300 s.m.: Traditional folk formsandthemes(«The Lyre Player», «The Cretan», «The Grandfather and the Grandmother», «Going to the Field» etc.), representationsofnatureandourecologicalsystem(«The Eagle and the Snake», «The Wild Goat»), religious content («The Saint George of Dioskouri», «The Wedding»), social content («The Patient») and from the mythology («The Little Mermaid»).

Second stop in The Shepherd’s Shelter

Built with our own hands, this traditional stone-built Shepherd Shelter (Mitato) is located at 848m at a slope of the renowned Psiloritis mount. In this welcoming Shepherd Shelter, we are ready to share with you our passion for the distinct Cretan traditions and lifestyle. The visit to the Shepherd’s Shelter offers a life-time experience to every visitor.

Depending on the season, you have the unique opportunity to view the sheep milking, join the cheese-making, experience the sheep-shearing or participate in the fiesta of raki distillation. Join us in herbs collection and traditional cooking and indulge yourself with the local delicacies and wine we offer. Want to have more stunning pictures from your holiday in Crete and memorable experiences to talk about? Visit us in the Shepherd’s Shelter and live like a Cretan for one day!

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