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Divine mountains of Lasithi

Motherland of God Zeus

The largest and highest plateau of Greece !


Lasithi is a different angle of Crete. The area got its name from the Plateau of Lasithi, located in the mountains of Diktis at an altitude about 850. This is an almost perfect level with a maximum length of 10 km and 5 km wide! It is full of vegetable gardens and has about 10,000 windmills! It is the largest and highest plateau of Greece!

Lasithi Plateau is situated in east part of Crete in Diktis Mountains.

First stop will be in the village Krasi, where in the centre of this place you will see centuries old oak the biggest tree in whole Crete.

Third stop will be at the Kera Kardiotissa monastery with its famous icon of Holy Mother as well as frescoes from 13th and 14th century. After Kera another stop and main one follows to the Psychro village, where you with a guide will walk up it to the famous Cave of Zeus. This place is breathing of history and mythology.

Last stop is going to be at the original folklore museum of Aghios Georgios village. Wear comfortable shoes, hat, sun glasses and good mood.

About The Tour

Schedule (Apr 20 2022 - October 15 2022)
Places Covered
Krasi, Kera Kardiotissa monastery, Psychro, Cave of Zeus (Diktaio Andro), Aghios Georgios
Pick up Points
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Bus Ticket, Travel Insurance
Not Included
Round transfer from Radisson Blu to the closest pickup point (deliver you to bus) 30.00€ (transfer)
Kera Kardiotissa monastery 2.00€ (entrance)
Cave of Zeus 6.00€ (entrance)
Tour Guide Languages per day
All available days English, German, French, Russian

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Trip Information

  • Days : Tue
  • Period : Apr 20 2022 - October 15 2022
  • Departure : 09:20
  • Return : 17:00 (approx)

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